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PPF &Vinyl 
Protection for your PPF & Vinyl Wrap.

Ceramic Pro has developed a new coating... specifically for Clear Bra and Vinyl Wrap.

PPF stands for:

Paint Protection Film (also known as Clear Bra)

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Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra is a clear vinyl applied to the exterior of the vehicle to protect it from rock chips. 
Clear Bra is thicker and less susceptible to ripping when impacted. 
What is a Vinyl Wrap? 
Vinyl Wraps are applied to the exterior of vehicles to change the cosmetic appearance. 
Vinyl Wraps are thinner than Clear Bra but offer more customization. 
Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl was designed as a protective coating for paint protection film (PPF) and vinyl. 
It protects from contamination and weathering resulting in film that is much easier to clean. 
It also helps reduce vinyl’s orange peel look. 
The complete protection program involves a base coat and top coat application.

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl solves these issues:
• Reduces the Orange Peel 
• Prevents color fading on wraps/vinyls 
• Extends the lifetime of the wrap/vinyl 
• Maintenance becomes much easier 
• Prevents the wrap from yellowing 
• Doesn't alter the appearance of matte finishes

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Offers: 
•  Super Hydrophobic Effect 
•  Weather & UV Resistance 
•  Anti-Graffiti
•  Reduced Orange Peel 
•  Less Maintenance 
•  Extended Life span 
•  High Gloss Finish

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The Clear Bra full kit package is the ultimate in paint protection. The full car kit provides the highest level of optimal protection to the vehicle. Prior to the service, we recommend a paint correction to get the vehicle’s paint into perfect condition. A full vehicle wrap will seal in the vehicle’s condition and provides full protection against elements and rock chips and light scratches as well as the occasional shopping cart and minor accident. At Ceramic Pro South Florida we offer Xpel, Suntek and 3M films to protect what you care about most. The entire vehicle will be wrapped with clear bra. This includes door panels, quarter panels, fenders, bumpers, rear bumpers, wings as well as roof. 

The full kit is intended for vehicles with lower vehicle clearance or track vehicles, exotics, luxuries and sport vehicles. It will protect the entire full hood, full bumper, full front bumper and full quarter panels, fenders and mirrors. This package is the highest level of coating offered at Ceramic Pro South Florida and is for the individual that values the highest level of protection.Experience elite protection and the self-healing properties with the full car kit. 

Full Car Protection 
Self Healing Film 
Protection from Rock Chips, Bird Droppings, Dirt and More. 

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Ceramic Pro products offered through Ceramic Pro South Florida(Autotechniqz) provides the best protection you can purchase on the market. Once this coating has been applied it will eliminate your need for waxing. Ceramic Pro, as if you don’t know already, pays itself off quickly and brings the exterior and interior to an elite level of protection. The super hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll off of the surface without any dirt or grime being attached to the vehicle. The hard ceramic film also offers superior protection from damaging contamination and harsh chemicals. Ceramic Pro protects your vehicle from industrial fallout, bird droppings, bid etching, color fading and oxidation, while at the same time offering superior gloss and slickness, chemical resistance, UV protection and excellent water repellency. This gives you a much better ease and lower long-term costs on maintenance. 

These benefits are made possible by one of the biggest pros of Ceramic Pro. When applied by a professional detailer the ceramic coat will nearly triple the thickness of your clear coat and reduce swirling marring and scratching. It makes the surface resistant and it will save you and reduce the amount of need for washes that your vehicle will need. We are master installers of Ceramic Pro and have over 10 years of experience with paint correction, ceramic coating and paint detailing services. 

The ceramic protective coatings do not end at exterior coating; in fact Ceramic Pro has a product for all of your detailing needs. When you add the benefits of Ceramic Pro applications dirt and grime will slide right off of the exterior and your interior will be better protected for longer than it has ever been before. Additional products included in the Ceramic Pro lineup are: Ceramic Pro Rain (hydrophobic coating for windshields and windows), Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper (protection for calipers and wheels), Ceramic Pro Light (durable, protective coating), Ceramic Pro Sport (glossy, hydrophobic coating) and lastly, Ceramic Pro Leather and Ceramic Pro Textile for interior protection. Keep your interior, exterior and peace of mind protected with Ceramic Pro products. Whether you are looking to get your feet wet with a Sport Package, or you are interested in the long-term benefits of a Gold Package, we have a package for you!