There are few bonds stronger than that between a man and his motorcycle. With that in mind Autotechniqz in West Palm Beach takes Motorsport restoration very seriously. We use a smart solution restoration and protection techniques to protect your glass, trim, paint, and even wheel surfaces. This unique and fortified process performs like ceramic to recondition surfaces and correct paint creating true paint finishes with gorgeous results. Our Motorsport surface solutions take motor care from a common maintenance hassle to an optimized treatment designed to keep your motorsport vehicle in pristine condition. Our refined treatment plans help not only restore your vehicle, but protect it for up to five years without diminishing the quality of your paint, gloss, or shine, while providing an unmatched level of permanent protection that will keep your vehicle looking better than it did on the lot. Enjoy the freedom of the road without worrying about your motorcycle ever again, visit Autotechniqz in West Palm Beach for tested and proven solutions, designed to give life to your investment. Have more questions? Want to make an appointment? Contact us now to take your first steps towards elegant performance and total protection.