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Autotehcniqz is proud to install Gyeon Quartz, one of the best ceramic car coating in West Palm Beach. Gyeon coatings are semi-permanent and that provide the ultimate protection barrier between your paint (and trim…and wheels), and the vigorous elements that your vehicle is exposed to on a daily basis. And not only will these Gyeon Quartz coatings provide a protective barrier, but they also add gloss and depth to the vehicle's clear coat finish, and they make subsequent cleaning of the vehicle much easier since dirt, and other contaminants won’t stick to the surface as quickly. When you wash your car afterward, the paint will continuously have that “freshly waxed” and slick feeling to it.
The principal strength of the Gyeon Quartz coating is its ability to increase the overall hardness of the paint up to the level of 9H (hardness of the coating determined by pencil hardness scale) as well as its measurable thickness, reaching up to 1 micron offering unbeatable protection. Autotechniqz is Miami's leading Gyeon Quartz coating installer

Gyeon Quartz Packages

Gyeon Q2 Mohs Plus
Durability 3+ years
Hardest and most superb form of automotive coating
Tremendous gloss and strong chemical resistanceUltimate daily driver solution
Gyeon Q2 Mohs
Durability – 2+ years
Hard formula
Great looks
Perfect daily driver combination
Gyeon Q2 Rim
It provides a protective coating on rims to stop brake dust biting into the wheel surface and Mag Chloride from eating at the finish
Up to 12 months protection
Making rims much easier to clean. Can be used on all types of wheels, alloys, rims and brake calipers to seal and protect.
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Gyeon Q2 Durabead
Unmatched, long lasting hydrophobic qualities
Highest and longest lasting self cleaning abilites
Most anti-static (attracting much less dirt and dust)
Gyeon Q2 prime
Brilliant ShineBest against water spots
Unparalleled self-cleaning abilities
Tight water beading
Durability – 1+ year
Gyeon Q2 Interior Protection
Keep your interior in like new condition and easy to clean.
Extremely UV resistant to prevent color loss from UV exposure in fabric and leather
Extremely hydrophobic environment that will not allow liquids to penetrate
Keep stains and bacteria from setting in quickly.Durability – 12months
Permanent Protection
Self Cleaning
High Gloss and Color Booster
Scratch Resistant
Blocks Oxidation & Corrosion
Gyeon Miami

Gyeon Mohs+

Q2 Mohs is the hardest automotive paint coating available to a wide range of users. Given the average automotive paint hardness, which lies within the range of 3-4H according to the Mohs scale, Q2 Mohs adds a further 3H, which makes the paint extremely resistant to scratches. The extraordinary hardness of the coating preserves the effects achieved during the paint correction and is synonymous with a much slower paint degradation during maintenance.
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Gyeon Duraflex

Gyeon Duraflex

Lays down a thick hybrid film of organic-silica that increases in molecular weight as it cures, forming an amorphous organic-silica nano-composite. None of the systems that dealerships offer work in the same way; they lay down organic polymers that cross-link weakly with painted surfaces, forming a temporary sacrificial coating that is readily eroded by cleaning chemicals and natural solvents. In contrast, Q2 DuraFlex is actually hard enough (and thick enough) to significantly improve the swirl resistance of treated finishes, with each application typically adding four grades of hardness to the finish on the Mohs scale.
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Gyeon Q2

Gyeon Q2

Gyeon Q2 Mohs+ is a very hard coating. Offers tremendous gloss and strong chemical resistance and is the ultimate daily driver solution.
Gyeon Q2 Duraflex is very similar to Mohs+, but has tighter water beading characteristics.GYEON Q2 MOHS+ (2018 Version 5 year warranty)
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