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Ceramic coatings are the next-generation of paint protection solutions offering staggering advantages over waxes and sealant. Their main advantage is the unmatched level of protection they provide against oxidation, water-spots, swirl-marks, discoloration, loss of gloss and staining.
Their unbeatable protection will last well over 12 months, in fact, their durability is counted in years not months. Our ceramic car coatings in West Palm Beach will last from 2 to 10 years depending on the brand and type of coatings you choose.
But it doesn't stop here. Once cured, ceramic coatings offer a rich permanent gloss unattainable with traditional sealants. Lastly, ceramic coatings are extremely hydrophobic which gives them great self-cleaning properties which equate to less time washing your vehicle as your coating will repel dirt and stains automatically.
Autotechniqz is the leader in ceramic car coatings in West Palm Beach, offering only the best coating brands with Miami's #1 warranty.

Our Ceramic Coating Brands

Offers a warm gloss look, slick finish, and unsurpassed water repellency,
provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance.
Bonded contaminants such as tree sap, tar, and hard water spots, easy to remove.
can resist much higher and lower temperatures. They resist temperatures as low as -40o to as high as +250o C.
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Ceramic Pro
Best way to protect your investment
3 times the hardness scratch resistant & self cleaning
Co- valent permanent bonding properties to your vehicles surface
Multi- layerble
Outstanding visual results & maintenance results
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Provides increased anti water spotting and hydrophobic properties to maintain the perfect finish in the long term.
Superior resistance to scratching (9H)
Forms an extra layer of clear coat over painted surfaces, wheels, plastic trim, bumpers, aluminum, and
Surface protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.
Is resistant to chemical etching, and harder than factory clear coatings to reduce swirls and scratches.
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Brilliant shine. Best against water spots. Tight water beading.
Hard formula, great looks, and strong chemical resistance.
Makes subsequent cleaning of the vehicle much easier
Very good overall coating. Great on all colors.
Tremendous gloss and strong chemical resistance. .
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What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings should be seen as a second sacrificial layer of skin that shields your paint from tree-saps, light scratches, discoloration and loss of gloss.
Ceramic car coatings like Ceramic Pro, Gtechniq, Opti-Coat Pro are a complex blend of quartz infused epoxy nanotech particles with a high resistance to chemicals, UV rays, heat and have ridiculous durability. They come in a liquid format that completely hardens within a few hours.
Unlike waxes, ceramic car coatings bonds with your clear-coat at a molecular level resulting in a thick, durable layer of protection. Depending on the brand and complexity of the coating, this chemical bond can either be semi-permanent (2-3 years) or permanent (7-10+ years).
Because of its unique bonding process, all ceramic coatings require a surgically clean surface in order to properly bond. Simply slapping a coating after a wash will result in poor performance and dramatically lower durability.
It's important to note that ceramic car coatings are not bulletproof and are not a substitute for Paint Protection Film in West Palm Beach, Miami.
Ceramic Coating West Palm Beach
Ceramic Coating West Palm Beach

Our Installation Process

Because of its unique bonding process, all ceramic coatings require a surgically clean surface in order to properly bond. Simply slapping a coating after a wash will result in poor performance and dramatically lower durability.
Autotechniqz takes the installation process seriously and is passionate about perfecting the paint and guaranteeing all oils and contaminants are removed from the paint prior to installation to guarantee your coatings provides your vehicle with optimum performance.
We offer the option to cure your coating via infrared light Infrared (IR) to ensure the absolute best and most durable finish possible. We are West Palm Beach only installer offering IR curing! Letting your coating cure without infrared light can result in severe water spot damages if your newly installed coating comes in contact with water.
Infrared curing resolves this issue altogether. Other advantages include a deeper gloss and increased hardness resulting in better protection. We can use our Infrared lights on both your paint and wheels.


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